Potential of NFT in different fields

Although NFT has only appeared in recent years, it has been creating a global trend because of its excellent value. Especially recently when the internet is developing and the crypto market has its own position, NFT has grown tremendously in many different fields. And here are the 5 most potential fields of NFT.

NFT is a digital asset of blockchain technology, a non-fungible token, it has helped solve the problem of verifying artworks. With blockchain, each transaction of Art is tamper-proof, ensuring that no party can change the details of the artwork. This enhances the transparency of origin and creates mutual trust in trading.

The next field is very special: Identity management. With the growing need for security in digital data storage, NFTs can contain unique information about a particular asset. Therefore it can include any type of data such as medical history, property details, personal records, educational background, and financial information.

NFT is very important in the field of media and content creation: Piracy, copyright infringement, and plagiarism are significant challenges and should be kept completely confidential. It influences the growth of the media and entertainment industry. NFT can use blockchain technology to prevent such fraud through its amazing feature — unique blockchain, irreplaceable or forgery.

In Vietnam and many countries around the world, the traditional real estate industry has very prolex procedures. However, NFT will digitize the entire process. Assets can be tokenized on the blockchain network and divided into many tokens. These tokens are tradable and easily exchangeable on secondary markets. This eliminates the role of middlemen such as brokers, banks, agents and prevents any dispute over property ownership.

And the most potential field of NFT is Game. By playing video games players can earn valuable items. They can utilize their gaming ability and generate real income by selling those items (NFTs). In addition, NFT in the game world allows players to easily trade items with each other. This is a rare function.

It can be affirmed that the potential of NFT is indisputable and in addition to the above fields, another field of ​​this technology is also very potential: livestream. In the livestream, NFTs are the items given to the streamer. Because of their high personalization, the value of NFTs is greatly increased, bringing benefits to users and increasing the excitement of this industry.

KingliveTV can be considered as one of the leading platforms in using blockchain technology and bringing NFT into the livestream platform to give you the most new and exciting experiences.

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