Kingdom Game 4.0 (KDG) Contract Swap On MXC Exchange

Dear users,

All the existing TRC-20 KDG tokens on MXC will be exchanged for the new BEP-20 KDG tokens. Specific details and timeline are as below:

1) Deposits & withdrawals and trading services of KDG will be suspended at 04:00 (UTC), Jun 13. Please ensure that you leave sufficient time for your KDG deposits to be fully processed prior to this time. If deposited after this time, the tokens will not be credited to your account.

2) MXC will take a snapshot of users’ KDG holding positions as of 04:00 (UTC), Jun 13 and distribute the new BEP-20 KDG tokens to users at a ratio of 1 TRC-20 KDG : 10 BEP-20 KDG.

3) After the smart contract swap/upgrade is completed, we resume the deposits & withdrawals and trading services of KDG at 12:00 (UTC), Jun 13.


1. The swap will be done on a 1:10 ratio, for example; if you have 1,000 TRC-20 KDG at the time of the snapshot, you will receive 10,000 BEP-20 KDG.

2. The new contract address of KDG tokens on MXC:
Please do not transfer any original TRC-20 KDG tokens to MXC after the smart contract swap is completed.

3. The current value of the KDG token is not representative of the value of the new KDG token after the swap. Please pay attention to the price when placing orders.

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Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem.

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Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0

Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem.

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